You have 24 hours to apologise to my mum, Annie Idibia’s brother tells 2Face’s brother

2face Idibia and Annie Idibia

Slyvester Macaulay brother of Annie Idibia has launched an attack on his brother-in-law Charles Idibia, brother of 2Face Idibia, saying that he disrespected his mother by calling her a ‘witch’, he also gave him 24 hours to apologise to his mum.

Following the Idibia family crisis, Charles made an Instagram post on Friday, accusing Annie Idibia and her mother of using ‘juju’ on 2Face.

Reacting to the post on Sunday night, Slyvester claimed he sent a message to 2Face’s mother asking her to talk to Charles, he also alleged that she blocked him after he delivered the message, Slyvester demanded an apology from 2Face’s brother and his mother for disrespecting his mother.

“This has come to my attention, The disrespect going to my mum. I don’t care about my sister’s issues with her husband but for you to bring my mum into this when she had nothing to do with this. i sent 2Face’s mum a message, she listened to it and she blocked me, she didn’t have the decency to say she will talk to her son.

“Yes Mrs. Idibia 2Face’s mum, I sent her a message telling her to talk to her son to go and apologize to my mum, she listened and she blocked me, you know what that means? She’s the one instigating everything, I give you guys 24hour hours to apologize to my mum else the Macaulay’s will react,” he said in parts.