I don’t suffer fools lightly, Kate Henshaw warns critics

Kate Henshaw

Actress Kate Henshaw has reminded critics that she does not suffer fools lightly.

The 50-year-old stated this in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

Kate Henshaw made this known while trying to describe the kind of person she is.

According to the fitness lover, She guards her privacy jealously, protects her peace at all cost, she is not afraid of hard work and she does not suffer fools lightly.

She wrote: “My name is #K8DGR8I live authentically. I love who I am. I guard my privacy jealously I protect my peace at all cost. I love God and I see His amazing grace and favour over my life. I will cross the ocean for those who will cross even a puddle for me..

“I don’t suffer fools lightly. I laugh out loud. I am not afraid of hard work. I love music and dancing. I am addicted to a FIT and healthy lifestyle. I have strong opinions. I stand for good causes…I absolutely love myself just the way I am…With these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to give you a sneak peek into who I am.”