I got infected a week after I told someone Lagos was COVID-19-free – Toolz

Media personality toolz

Media personality Toolz has said she got infected with coronavirus a week after she told someone Lagos State was COVID-19-free.

Toolz in a tweet said she was thankful not to have contracted the virus while she was pregnant.

“I’m super thankful I didn’t get it while I was pregnant. Imagine I travelled to have my baby, came back, did a 7 covid tests, and it was the 8th that was positive,” she wrote on Tuesday.

“The craziest thing was that a week before I legit told someone that there’s Covid in Lagos anymore. Silly me.”

In another tweet she said, “I initially didn’t think Covid was that serious but bottom-line, Covid is very real! Symptoms seem to be different for different people. I still don’t know why Captain was sick and I wasn’t.”

Born Tolu Oniru, Toolz welcomed a boy in July. Her first son Asher was born in 2018.

Toolz is married to Captain Tunde Demuren son of the former director-general of Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Harold Demuren.