I can never be broke again, Timaya brags


Singer Timaya has said he can never be broke again.

The 41-year-old boasted in an Instagram post on Friday.

“Somethings ain’t possible again. Like getting broke. Never,” he wrote.

Timaya is the father of three children from two different women.

Speaking with Vanguard in an interview, he said his children have been a blessing and he does not regret having them out of wedlock.

“I have no regrets; everything has been a lesson and I’m grateful for them. I can’t think of anything I’d change if given the chance to go back in time,” he said.

The singer added that fatherhood has not cost him anything, but had instead taught him a lot of patience.

Born Timaya Odom, a native of Bayelsa State, Timaya is the founder of DM Records Limited. His solo career began in 2005 with the release of ‘Dem Mama’, which also appeared on his debut album, ‘True Story’ was released the following year. His second album Gift and Grace was released in 2008.