Hushpuppi’s account will remain active – Instagram


Instagram says the account of suspected internet fraudster Ramon Abbas aka Hushpuppi will remain active so long as it does not represent dangerous organisations or individuals.

Hushpuppi is currently being held in the United States for financial offences bordering on wire fraud to which he has pleaded guilty and faces a 20-year jail term if convicted.

The Nigerian has not posted to his 2.5 million followers on Instagram since June 2020. However, his followers celebrated his 39th birthday on September 4.

UAE-based The National quoted Instagram as saying that it had well-established processes with law enforcement and a policy on “inmate takedown requests” in place for prisoners active on social media.

It added that Hushpuppi would be free to continue to use his social media handle “unless directed otherwise from law enforcement in the US, where he is awaiting sentencing.”

Hushpuppi was in the habit of flaunting wealth on Instagram, sharing photos of extravagant shopping trips, luxury cars, clothes and watches.

An international police investigation uncovered almost $41million in cash and 13 cars valued at about $6.8m. Among his fleet of luxury cars were Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maybach.

The Dubai Police later handed Hushpuppi and his conspirators over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States where Hushpuppi and his gang are facing charges, including conspiracy to commit money laundering, among others.

Hushpuppi will be sentenced in late October 2021.