How Peter Obi gave me N250k instead of two million for mum’s funeral – Kanayo O. Kanayo

NollywooNollywood actor Kanayo O Kanayo

Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has recollected how presidential candidate Peter Obi gave him N250k for his mother’s burial when one would expect a token of two million naira from a man of his status.

Kanayo revealed this in an interview with Afia TV published on Thursday in which he stated that Obi who was then Governor of Anambra State could not attend the funeral but called and sent a token.

“In 2011, I was to bury my mum and I had many senators I had friends and I wrote to all of them. Two weeks after the funeral, Peter Obi calls me by 1 am in his little voice, o sim ‘nwanne I just got your letter, I know the burial is over, You know I would have come if I saw the letter’. He sent me exactly the price of a cow. You know somebody would have thought he would give you two million for burial in 2011.”

“I think he went to the market and priced the cow, the cow was 250k and that is what he sent to me. But the story here is he was the governor but he had time to call me.”

Kanayo was among those who drummed support for Obi during the 2023 presidential election.

The 61-year-old described Obi as one who is humble and gives a listening ear, adding that the former governor is the best man to fix Nigeria.