London to Lagos biker Kunle Adeyanju declares interest in Ivorian woman Zenab

Kunle Adeyamju

London to Lagos biker Kunle Adeyanju has found love in an Ivorian woman in the course of his 41-day trip for charity.

Mr Adeyanju, a Rotarian, met Eba Zenab in Cote D’Ivoire in the course of his trip. According to the biker, she supported his charity trip with $1,000. Adeyanju has not stopped mentioning her in his tweets since then.

Their common goal of ending polio has seen them bond very quickly.

Zenab flew in from her country to specially welcome Adeyanju in Lagos on Sunday. She posted to Twitter a video of herself boarding a flight from Abidjan to Lagos as Adeyanju wished her “Godspeed”.

The lovebirds were captured in pictures holding each other affectionately.

Asked what plans he had for her, the biker told PUNCH on his arrival in Lagos, “I knew Zenab six months ago and we’ve been talking. I discovered that she is a lady with a very good heart, she’s very tough.

“If you ask me, do I like her a lot? The answer is yes. Do I want to be with her? The answer is yes. Whether she will say yes or not, I don’t know. But yes, it is something I’d love to do.”

Adeyanju also revealed that he covered 12,000 kilometres during the journey.

“I didn’t ride during the whole 41 days,” he noted. “There were some days when I had to do some humanitarian work which had to do with going to the field to immunise children, meeting with people who were volunteers doing this work, encouraging them and engaging them.”