Akah Nnani accuses police of harrasement

akah nnani

Actor Akah Nnani has narrated how he was allegedly harassed by some police officers and accused of carrying a charm.

In a video posted on Instagram on Tuesday, Akah Nnani said he was stopped by the uniformed men along Ring Road Bridge in Ikoyi and they ordered him and the taxi driver who drove him to come down from the car.

According to Akah, there were over 20 police officers on the bridge who claimed they were conducting a stop-and-search operation using a shuttle bus and not an official police vehicle. He further asked how the police officers would be traced if they did something bad at the scene

Nnani said one of the police officers who came to the car he was in, cocked his gun and pointed it at him and the driver without establishing if they are criminals or had committed a crime.

Infuriated by their actions, the actor challenged them, demanding to know what crime he committed to warrant the said harassment.

While carrying out a search on him, the actor said the officer accused him of carrying a charm attached to his car key, which the actor earlier said was his key holder.

“Before you know what’s happening this guy literally cocks his gun and moves to the front of the car and he points his gun at us. At this point, I’m already getting angry because I’m just like ‘why would you point your gun at me? Why would you point your gun at a civilian? Why would you use your gun to stop someone who isn’t armed and hasn’t been confirmed a criminal,” the Man of God actor said in parts.

Akah claimed he was asked to go after he revealed to the officers that he was an actor.