How I ran away from home while married — Betty Irabor


Founder of Genevieve Magazine Betty Irabor on Sunday revealed she sometime ago left her matrimonial home after a misunderstanding with her husband Soni Irabor.

Mrs Irabor said in an Instagram post that she and her husband were living at the Dolphin Estate area of Lagos at the time.

She wrote, “I remember the first and only time I ran away from our home at Dolphin Estate as a married woman. It was so humbling and hilarious. That’s probably why I never tried it again😂 Imagine running away and no one comes to beg or look for you? Where’s the fun?”

Explaining how it happened, she wrote, “Hubby and I had a quarrel and disagreed over something that didn’t even make sense, so I packed a bag and drove off in my Volkswagen Beetles.

“Where was I going? Me that was an overpampered wife of a doting husband? Any way Sha, I landed at a guest house opposite Cactus in VI. I checked in about 4pm and then I had no idea what to do with myself. I was like, okay, what next? I already missed home but I couldn’t return until hubby and a retinue of his friends came to beg. The problem was that there were no cell phones then. He didn’t know where I went, even though I imagined him pacing up and down. The guest house was cold & I got stares (a woman in a guest house?).

“To be honest, I was very lonely. I finally came up with a plan about 8pm. I called a friend and asked her to come take me home but was to pretend she begged and forced me to go home. Chai, the shame. I never ‘Ran Away’ after that!”

Mrs Irabor advised that there is no art or science on how to make marriage work. She noted that “unlike love, which people say is blind, marriage wears binoculars and it amplifies character, behaviours and personality.”

Betty and Soni recently renewed their marital vows after 40 years in marriage.