How Femi Osibona rejected me for being Muslim – Jobseeker Adebowale Sikiru

Femi Osibona Fourscore Homes Ikoyi Collapsed Building

A jobseeker Adebowale Sikiru has claimed that the late managing director of Fourscore Homes Femi Osibona rejected him for a position as a construction officer because he is a Muslim.

Mr Osibona is among more than 30 persons who died after a 21-storey building collapsed in the Ikoyi area of Lagos on Monday.

“He (Osibona) asked me ‘What church do you attend?’ and I told him I’m a Muslim. He said, ‘Ah I can’t work with a Muslim,’” Mr Sikiru told AN 24 in a recent interview.

The jobseeker added that he was surprised at Osibona’s statement, questioning the role of religion in his productivity at work.

“I have even considered living the rest of my life as a Christian, most of my friends are Christians, so it’s not about religion,” he said.

Mr Sikiru said he left the building around 1pm and learnt of the collapse one hour later.

He further claimed that the real estate developer said he was not comfortable with the fact that when his company had religious activity he (Sikiru) would be an outsider.