#horriblebosses: Jemima Osunde, critic trade words over Twitter debate

Jemima Osunde

Actress Jemima Osunde has traded words with a critic while reacting to the trending debate on Twitter about employers who treat their staff unfairly, saying that people are suffering.

The issue became a trending topic on social media after tweep took to the platform to lament alleged ill-treatment received from his boss.

Moments after, several Twitter started narrating their experiences at their workplaces.

Reacting to the comments, Jemima also joined them in condemning the alleged actions of these employers saying that people are really suffering.

She wrote: “People are really suffering. It’s so sad. All I can think about is how depressing it must be. Drive-in traffic to work, get to work and be treated like dirt, drive back home in traffic and repeat the next day. Gosh! #horriblebosses.”

“Then look for a job closer to you… We are our problem. Like, hold on… You went for the interview, you signed the rules and regulation, you know it’s far from your house, you know the pay might not add up,” a tweep @Fav Realtor replied the actress.

“And you misbehave or come late you expect your boss to overlook it and give you hugs. Make all this make sense and wait till you become a boss and see if you won’t lose it sometimes on employees who fill with excuses,” the tweep continued.

“We know Nigerians don’t understand soft words they will take your softness for weak and as a boss, you don’t need it. There is no smoke without a fire somewhere. You can’t misbehave at work and expect your boss to overlook it. Even at home, there are some attitudes of you your parents will get mad at.”

“In this same Nigeria that work is hard to come by??? Omo, if you say so abeg,” the actress replied.