Horn Free Driving – We are Compliant!!!

Driving from Ikorodu town to Anthony Village in Lagos on a normal day between the hours of 7:15 to 9: 15 in the morning on a working day is an invitation to suicide.



But on this day Wednesday October 15 in the year of Our Lord 2014, it was simply paradise – on my drive to work, on the morning belt like they will say on the radio.


Was it me or my imagination? I cannot say for sure. But the Lagos road I drove through this morning is nothing like I have ever experienced before in all my almost forty years of residing and working in Lagos.


I only heard two horns blared. And this were from two heavy truck vehicles. Even our co-road user Yanko Bravo brothers are to be commended. They did their association (NURTW) proud this morning. I saw motorists employing the use of non-verbal languages by waving or gesticulating with their hands to indicate their intentions to change lanes.


The LASTMA officials, always on point, appeared to be having an easy time of it handling traffic this morning. Every motorist I encountered were on their best behaviours. It was like no one wanted to make the noisemakers list.


On arriving at work, I have discussed with my colleagues who equally drove down to work. And the sentiments have been the same.


It would be nice if we can have a Horn-free Day every week which hopefully can graduate to a weekly affair and in good time driving Horn-Free will be the norm in Lagos.


I have been at my desk now for about 20 minutes and its unbelieveable that aside from the odd heavy utility vehicle horn blare en-route Oshodi, it has been sheer blissful quietness.


I don’t know how the rest of the day is going to pan out. But I am leaving my window open all day. The busy silence of a Lagos working day is something I intend to enjoy today. And I hope it will be the same for you too.