Hisbah arrest Aliyu Na Idris who put himself up for sale for N20m

Hisbah arrests Aliyu Idris for putting himself up for sale

Hisbah police in Kano have arrested 26-year-old Aliyu Na Idris who went viral on social media last weekend for putting himself up for sale for N20 million.

Head of Hisbah Board Commander Sheik Harun Ibn Sina said it is forbidden in Islam for one to put himself up for sale.

“Yes we arrested him yesterday (Tuesday) night and he spent the night with us but I haven’t interrogated him,” he told BBC News Pidgin, adding he would speak with Mr Idris on Wednesday morning.

Idris, a tailor, had told reporters that he put a placard on his neck and went around Kano city, saying ‘I am for sale for N20m’ because of poverty.

“My family is aware of it and it is because of poverty, I first tried Kaduna but I didn’t get any buyer so I moved to Kano. Some people have made their bargain but nobody has reached the N20m target.”

Idris said he planned to give the government N5m as tax if he gets a buyer willing to pay N20m.

He also said he planned to give his parents N10m and that the person who helps him get a buyer would take N2m while he would keep N3m for daily upkeep as he begins life with his buyer.