Helen Prest-Ajayi showers praises on Pastor Ituah Ighodalo on 60th birthday

Helen Prest-Ajayi

Former beauty queen Helen Prest-Ajayi on Tuesday poured encomiums on pastor of Trinity House Church Ituah Ighodalo on his 60th birthday.

Prest-Ajayi, in a post to Instagram, described Ighodalo as one who “embodies the phrase ‘the good Shepherd,'” and “tends to his flock with all sincerity”.

She added that her admiration for him was born of the fact that she had known and watched him closely for over 40 years.

“Throughout the years he had shown #whatwouldjesusdo traits. He was always turn-the-other-cheek kind. In the early days as an accountant he did most everybody’s work for free, (I’m sure much to the exasperation of his elder brother Asue), secure in the knowledge that his God is able. He would smile and say don’t worry about it,” she wrote.

“Pastor Ituah is the epitome of cardinal cool, never angry or flustered, always stoic in his belief in God even when it wasn’t fashionable.”

Ighodalo was in February present at the funeral of Prest-Ajayi’s partner, Tosin Ajayi, founder of First Foundation Medical Centre.

Ighodalo himself lost his wife Ibidunni, also a former beauty queen, last June.