Helen Paul recounts accident experience

Helen Paul

Comedienne and actress Helen Paul has recounted a car accident experience she had in Abuja.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, the Jara presenter said she suffered a concussion and had to wear sunglasses while taking pictures because of the bruises on her face.

“Some time ago, I was involved in a car accident in Abuja. I suffered a concussion to my head and had to wear sunglasses for a while. When taking pictures with others, I would leave my sunglasses on and many complained that I didn’t want my face to show in pictures with them.

“Some even assumed I was being proud, being a star. They were totally oblivious of the true situation. Not all things are truly what they appear to be,” she wrote.

The actress also said that many are hiding a lot on social media while advising that people should forget about the minors and thank God for their blessings.

“Many are hiding a lot and showing the best side on social media. Focus on the majors and forget the minors. Thank God
every day for all blessings, great and small,” she wrote.