Harrysong apologises for sharing ‘stolen’ picture of twins


Singer-songwriter, Harrysong, has reacted to allegations that he stole a picture of a set of twins to announce the arrival of his babies.

The Alter Plate CEO welcomed a boy and a girl with his Abuja based lover on Saturday, June 24, in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

However, the picture he shared on his Instagram page was not of his children.

The image was later traced to a nursing website in the United States.

This created to a storm on social media, with critics attacking the singer for allegedly trying to pass off other people’s children as his.

Some even accused him of intellectual theft.

Responding to the allegations, Harrysong said in a chat with Premium Times on Tuesday that his babies arrived while he was on the set of a video shoot with Emarshall and his entire team at Maryland, Lagos.

The 36-year-old further said: “To set the record straight, the Instagram account, @perezandtarela was set up by my baby mama who is very reserved and media shy, despite being a successful business woman. She created the account with the sole aim of cataloguing the growth and development of her lovely twins.

“However, the account which was meant to run privately and operated by one of her younger siblings who mistakenly posted internet photographs was blown open by me. I was obviously overjoyed and reposted the first picture on my way from Port Harcourt. With every sense of humility, it was a huge and regrettable mistake.”

The ‘Reggae Blues’ singer also revealed that the embarrassing episode has inspired a new single.

“On the other hand, as against my original plan to release my new single titled ‘Wyne’, I have decided to channel my effort into another song which was written and produced within 24 hours after the news broke,” he added.