Hanifa was smart, loved by neighbours, father recalls daughter’s final moments

Hanifa Abubakar

Father of the five-year-old Hanifa Abubakar, who was kidnapped and killed in Kano, has recalled to the news media the final moments he spent with his daughter.

Hanifa was kidnapped on December 4, 2021 on her way back from Islamic school. Her body was discovered on Thursday at Northwest Preparatory School in Tudun Murtala area of Kano city, the school which she attended.

The police have arrested three people over the case including her teacher.

Hanifa’s father Abubakar Abdulsalam said that although the family is still in shock over the incident, they have taken it as a test from God.

He said Hanifa came to meet him on that Saturday before she left for Islamic school.

“She came to meet me to say she was ready for Islamiyah (Islamic school) I told her to pray and in my presence she said her prayer.

“Then she turned to her mother and said, ‘Mummy, on your way back from market please buy me Alewar madara (milk candy),” he was quoted as saying by BBC Pidgin.

Abdulsalam added that he would always remember her as a lively and smart girl, adding that all the neighbours loved her.

Hanifa’s family called on the authorities to get justice for their little girl.