Guns and wreaths

Wilson Orhiunu

First Gentleman with Wilson Orhiunu

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Americans pushed for nuclear disarmament and rightly so. By reducing or eliminating nuclear weapons in all the countries on the planet we avoid rogue nations from developing weapons of mass destruction.

The atomic bombs that were used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 killed 80,000 and 40,000 people immediately with thousands more dying later from their exposure to irradiation. These nightmare situations pushed many to scream “never again” and start to dream of a day when nuclear weapons became a thing of the past. I would hazard a guess however that some of these ‘anti-nuclear’ campaigners had guns at home.

While a nuclear bomb might level a city in one sweep, the destruction from guns is slow, steady and dangerous.

I believe that a gun in the domestic setting is risky. Everything in the home will get used one day. If nations can be made to get rid of nuclear arms, then it stands to reason that families can be made to get rid of guns at home.

However, if people feel they have the right to bear arms then let every nation exercise their rights to own nuclear weapons.

Some Americans feel relaxed about having firearms around. Despite having an armed police force and an army in the country they still feel the need to protect themselves with guns. They may have a point.

When everyone in a society knows that every other person has access to guns, there is a tendency to feel that anyone who makes you threatened might be carrying a gun.

That means that if you get an unwanted knock on the door, you reach for your gun.

The police on the other hand know that a good percentage of homes have guns in them. When they are called to an incident it would be wise on their part to expect they might have to deal with an armed person.

The society – which includes the police – is very gun conscious and I believe that this is why there are so many shooting incidences in the USA.  Guns have become the way of life, so much so that it filters into the music.

In 2012, 10,113 civilians were murdered by civilians and just last year 1,132 died at the hands of the police.

These are extremely huge numbers that should worry any society. People are shooting and killing each other and unfortunately the problem has been hijacked by factions who are calling a national crisis a race problem.

There is racism in America. That is without doubt. But over ten thousand homicides a year tells you something.

I would guess that not everybody who got shot at died for many lives would have been saved by the health care system. And some who shoot miss their targets. It would be difficult to guess how many civilians actually aim a gun and pull the trigger at another civilian in just one year in the USA. It would be hard to collate the number of those injured talk less of the near misses.

Thousands of shots are being fired by citizens at each other and it seems the politicians are happy with this status quo.

With regards to the police, some of the people they shoot are armed and dangerous but videos abound of them shooting people who do not pose any threat whatsoever. Shooting a defenceless suspect is murder. If a country loads a plane with bombs and drops them on another country, there would be uproar, and rightly so.

However, the American police have been seen, in isolated cases, to just shoot people who pose no threat.

I don’t live in America and I am no authority on that country, but I do wonder about the politicians that insist that the right to bear arms must continue regardless while at the same time they insist that foreign countries cannot have nuclear weapons.

Who are these ten thousand people shooting to kill every year?

What is the point of being the policeman of the world and having poor policing at home?

Does charity not start at home?

One million people descended on Central Park in an anti-nuclear arms demonstration in June 1982.

Politicians will always notice one million people. Despite the pressure groups who want to safeguard everybody’s right to bear arms in the USA, the people have the power to get rid of ‘rights’ they do not want.

Guns are just like television sets in a home. If you keep one in your house, you will make use of it one day. The same logic applies to the keeping of nuclear arms in your nation.