Graduates should follow Dr. Linda Iheme’s social media accounts – Dubai contest winner

Patience Ginika, winner of an all-expense paid Dubai trip, organised by Vantage Migration and Allied Consult
Patience Ginika

Patience Ginika, winner of an all-expense paid Dubai trip, organised by Vantage Migration and Allied Consult has urged all graduates to follow the social media accounts of Dr Linda Iheme, head of the educational consultancy which helps graduates travel abroad for post-graduate studies.

The Dubai trip, according to the organisation, is Vantage Migration’s social entrepreneurship aimed at giving graduates their first flight experience and international exposure.

Mrs Ginika, a graduate of microbiology and an entrepreneur, said graduates have a lot to gain starting from getting trained on how to travel abroad via the study abroad route, and they also stand the chance to win any of the organised contests which are often posted on Iheme’s page.

“As a graduate who wants to study abroad, relocate with a spouse or alone, but you do not know how to go about it, I would advise that you follow Dr Linda Iheme’s verified social media account on how to get started.

“I would also advise graduates to follow her because she gives you a mental shift of the possibility to study abroad irrespective of what you had in your degree with the right training. In fact, her free webinar has lots of amazing pieces of information,” Ginika said.

Recounting how she won the contest, Ginika said, the first stage of the contest, which was the dance contest was pulled off with the assistance of some neighbours who formed her dance crew at almost the last minute for submission. 

She procured her passport with the support of her husband.

“I couldn’t have done it alone, so I have the good neighbours around me who helped form the dance contest, and my husband that gave me the push while I was almost given up hope about getting my international passport,” she said.

Ginika described her experience in Dubai, which was her first trip abroad, as a worthwhile exposure as regards meeting new people and cultures.

For all that, she said she would remain grateful to Dr Iheme for the opportunity.

“My experience in Dubai is one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever experienced.

“My first flight experience began from Port Harcourt, believe me, it was an amazing one.

“In Dubai, I made new friends, who we were all together from the beginning to the end of the trip.

“I ate new food, different kinds of food. I visited a lot of beautiful places. I visited the Miracle Garden, which was decorated with flowers.

“You need to go there because it is very beautiful and attractive, and I enjoyed the place.

“I took pictures and I made memories. It’s just an amazing place that you need to see.

“The view was fantastic. We also visited Sahara Desert, Lagoon Water Park and IMG World of Adventure—where I was in near tears because of the things I saw there and so many other places.

“I want to say a very big thank you to Dr Linda Iheme and to all the Vantage Migration family for this amazing opportunity. I never had an issue travelling abroad and had fun to the fullest.

“I appreciate all your efforts and all the information you gave me in order for me to make my journey very easy and smooth.

“She’s a lovely person, an amazing personality for Vantage Migration, and all her team were up and doing to make sure that I enjoyed my stay in Dubai,” she added.

Vantage Migration and Allied Consult is an educational company that helps graduates accomplish their dreams of travelling abroad to study for their PGD, Master and PhD by training them on how to secure scholarships, loans and other fully-funded opportunities abroad.

The team is headed by Dr Linda Iheme, a dentist and educational consultant based in Canada.

Iheme and her team have taught hundreds how to relocate abroad all by themselves through the study route.

Watch a free webinar here.