Goya Menor ‘chilling with big boys’ in new Range Rover

Fast-rising singer Goya Menor is finally set to ‘chill with the big boys’ as flaunts his new Range Rover while bragging about acquiring a Bentley soon.

The ‘Ameno Amapiano’ star posted a video of him in the car on Instagram on Tuesday.

“According to my Ghanaian people, Bentley e be Next. Every day is a win!! Congrats to myself many to come,” he wrote.

In a recent interview with Qed.ng, the ‘chilling with the big boys’ singer who became popular after remixing the song ‘Ameno Amapiano’ revealed that the hit track was removed from Spotify because it exceeded the streaming limit.

“When the song was poping, it was pulled down which was supposed to be the greatest challenge but I didn’t see it as a challenge because I have ways of coming out of any situation I find myself in.

“Due to some reasons because the original song Amenor Amapiano produced by Neptune had a license and all the copyright sorted out but it had some limitations that okay if you’re using this sample the song must not exceed this stream.

“So when I came in with the remix it started popping as my version was poping the original version was poping so it exceeded the limit and the boundary so that’s how it was brought down we went behind stage, sorted it out and it came back,” he said.