Google removes Adamu Garba’s Crowwe App from Playstore

Adamu Garba

Google has taken down the social media platform Crowwe App from its app shop Playstore.

Chief executive officer of IPI Group, operators of the app, Adamu Garba, said the company asked Google to take down Crowwe from Playstore because it needed to update the codes.

Mr Garba, a former presidential aspirant in the All Progressives Congress, said the app would be back up latest Tuesday.

According to him, the suspension of Twitter in Nigeria saw a surge in download of the app, prompting the company to make some improvements in it.

“We took down Crowwe App because we are trying to update the codes and then put it back up. There are some bugs which we identified which can prevent future downloads so we decided to bring it down, edit the code and then put it back up,” he told PUNCH on Monday.

Garba denied the app was removed due to complaints by Nigerians, adding that Google does not remove apps from Playstore solely because of complaints.

“There is a bug affecting the contact list information so we had to submit a support report to take it down which was done. We are almost done with the publishing and we will push it back and it might be installed tonight or tomorrow (Tuesday) morning,” he added.