Goodluck Jonathan’s kidnapped nephew found dead in Otuoke creeks

Goodluck Jonathan

The corpse of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s nephew was found floating along a creek in Otuoke on Friday, according to witnesses.

Samuel Oki, 35, was abducted along with Mr. Jonathan’s foster father, Inegite Jonathan, on Wednesday.

Armed gunmen, suspected to be kidnappers, abducted the 72-year-old Inegite Jonathan on Wednesday, but the kidnapping of Mr. Oki was not noticed until several hours later.

The discovery of Oki’s decomposing body by Otuoke community members has increased fears for the safety of the 72-year-old victim whose location is still unknown.

The villagers who were seen discussing the sad incident speculated that the young man tried to resist the kidnappers.

Some said that they heard a gunshot on Wednesday, as the kidnappers were believed to be fleeing through the waterways.

According to them, divers and local fisherman had recovered the body and anchored it by the riverside to prevent the body from being carried away by water currents.

The body has been deposited at a morgue in the area. The kidnappers have yet to establish contact with the family of their hostage since Wednesday’s abduction.

This is the second time Inegite Jonathan has been kidnapped.

On February 28, 2014 he was kidnapped and freed by security forces on March 10, 2014.

One local resident described the 2014 experience as “traumatic” and that Mr. Jonathan had been beaten and kicked by his abductors.