FRSC debunks report official kicked pregnant woman in Ondo

Federal Road Safety Corps FRSC

Ondo State Command of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has discredited a report that its official kicked a pregnant woman in the stomach along Akure highway on Saturday.

FRSC state sector commander Ezekiel SonAllah dismissed the report in a statement on Sunday.

The report shared on Twitter claimed that the woman bled after she was allegedly kicked by a road marshal.

According to the sector commander, the woman was neither kicked not manhandled as claimed.

He said that the vehicle she was in was only forced to stop when the driver refused to obey directive to stop and attempted to run over two marshals.

SonAllah claimed that the vehicle was overloaded and the driver did not use seat belt.

According to him, two vehicles were coming from Keji in Osun going to Ogbese in Akure North Local Government Area of Ondo state when the officials of FRSC stopped them but one riggled his way and drove off.

The sector commander alleged that the second vehicle also did not want to stop, and the driver faced one Marshal Aboluja with the car in his attempt to escape.

He further alleged that the driver also attempted to run over another marshal, Olamigoke, before the vehicle was forced to stop with the help of other team members.

“Immediately the vehicle stopped the passengers came out and started wailing, on getting there a particular woman alleged that she was hit, but nothing was wrong with the woman, no nose bleeding or any bleeding,” the sector commander said.

SonAllah said that when the woman insisted that she was in pain, the marshals took her to a nearby hospital.

“It is not as people are painting it, rather it was Marshal Olamigoke who was injured on the ear.

“We had to call the Scorpion Squad of Nigeria Police to help calm the situation while the driver was arrested.

“We therefore notify the general public and well meaning Nigerians that the information/news spreading through a Twitter handle @YemieFash about Federal Road Safety Officer in Akure kicking a woman on the stomach and blood was gushing out was fake and false!

“As no such incident nor a trace of it ever happened. We use this medium to pray the general public to discountenance and disregard the fake rumour.

“We remain ever committed to maintaining safer motoring environment as we go on to discharge our lawful duties,” SonAllah said.