Frank Edward schools Instagram user over haircut

GosGospel singer Frank Edwards

Gospel singer, Frank Edwards, has responded to an Instagram user with username @call_me_bernard, who questioned whether his haircut was appropriate for a Christian.

“Should a christian have such a haircut?” the critic asked in the comments section of a post by the ‘Mma Mma’ singer.

Responding on Friday, 30-year-old pointed out to him that the sunglasses he had on in his display photo, was in fact, inspired by Harry Potter, the boy wizard in the popular Harry Potter fantasy books by British writer, J.K Rowling.

“But it was Harry Potter that used this your type of sunglasses,” he told him.

The Enugu-born singer told the Punch Newspapers in January that he finds social media interesting as it allows him to interact with different people.

He said, “I only socialise on social media. I’m an introvert, so it’s either I’m in the studio recording or I’m studying. I find social media very interesting because that’s where I get to interact with other people, hear their views and all.”