France riots: Charly Boy calls for youth revolt in Nigeria

Charly Boy

Entertainer Charly Boy, born Charles Oputa, has called on ‘exceptional’ Nigerian youth to revolt against the country.

The 73-year-old said this on Saturday in reaction to the protests in France over the killing of a 17-year-old boy by a policeman.

“This isn’t Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. This is France where 9% of the population has brought down entire cities!” he said in reference to the raging arson in parts of Paris, a video of which he shared on social media.

“Karma from Africa? Am waiting on the exceptional Nigerian Youths to reject a system that let dem down. Una destiny dey una hand.”

In his earlier post before editing it, the musician called Nigeria a criminal enterprise and urged the Nigerian youth to revolt.

Charley Boy’s post did not settle well with many Nigerians as they trooped to the comment section to rebuke him.

Emmanuel Iyaniwura: “Your kids shld lead the line…. You don’t have any positive impact in this country, what yu know how to do is preach hatred, war….this country wl move forward by God’s grace.”

Jetima007 said: “Please don’t be a reason why they destroy lives and livelihood in Nigeria, sir, it is okay to rant but encouraging violence is the worse thing someone in your generation can be associated with, this battle is for us now, you can rest sir, thanks for your understanding, we will take over from here.”

Abigail Nathaniel: “Please sir. This is calling for violence, I don’t support this, I’m your big fan, but I condemned this post with everything in me.”

Another social media user Desanya Maestro said Charly Boy could be arrested.

“With all due respect sir, security agencies can take this up against you as instigating youths to violence and course you all of us these things. Destruction has never done any good even outliving the generation who began it,” the social media user wrote.