For men only: 7 tips for buying the right lingerie


Buying lingerie is tricky and intimidating for some men who wish to impress their partners.

Buying the wrong size can be problematic.

Below are seven ways to get around the problem.

1 Pay attention to the colours she likes to wear

Look at her closet or pay attention to what you see her wear to work or out for fun dates with you. Are there colours you know she hates? Does she like neutrals? Does she wear yellows or oranges? Do you see her wearing a lot of reds or purples? Pay a bit of attention so you know what to not to buy.

2 Do some snooping

Without looking too creepy, look in her underwear drawer and see if you can see if there is a theme of sizes in there. Check if you see a bunch of one size or check the ones she put away recently as those are the ones she is wearing the most often or most recently.

3 Do some more snooping

While you are in her underwear drawer, see if she prefers thongs, G-strings or booty shorts/boy shorts. You can certainly try to buy her something new and different, but be sure you are thinking of her, too.  Not just what you want to see her in.

4 Check her dress and pant size

This is what is really going to help you figure out what size to buy her when it comes to lingerie. If you can write all of those down or put them in your cell phone, you will have them everywhere you go. So when you want to buy her something nice, you will have her sizes all ready to go. Again, look at the stuff you see her wearing most recently.

5 Find out her bra size too

When it comes to bra sizes, her band size and cup size are very important pieces of information. The band size is the measurement around her rib cage and will help to figure out which size lingerie to put her in. The cup size will also help if she is between sizes.

6 Pick something simple yet classy

You might be excited to buy lingerie for your partner. But you must not go overboard. The advice is that you must control your emotions. You must buy something that is simple yet look classy on your better half. Always invest in something that can be worn satisfactorily and comfortably.

7 Quality and brand should be given equal priority

Always opt for branded lingerie because that will give an assurance of the quality and durability of the piece. Do the research and find out which brands are popular among women. Expensive lingerie does not mean that it will be of good quality. Touch and feel the material to see whether it feels smooth on the skin. If it seems rough, then avoid buying such lingerie.