Foluke Daramola’s husband debunks marital crisis rumour

foluke daramola

OluKayode Salako husband of Nollywood actress Foluke Daramola has debunked the reports that their marriage has crashed.

Mr Salako denied the rumour in a statement released on Monday, saying that the couple still share the same bed. He also added that they would be celebrating their 10th marriage anniversary soon.

“Dear Nigerians, Foluke Daramola Salako and I still share the same bedroom. In fact we woke up on the same bed this morning. Let those silly merchants of beer parlour and pepper soup joint journalism continue to write their rubish about us, they have been doing it since we got married.

“They have started circulatinng another false and unfounded silly gossip inofrmation about our marriage this time again. They will continue to write their rubbish and we will continue to bond better and better in it for the celebration of the fantasy of our 10 years anniversary which is coming up in four months time,” he wrote.

Salako also added that even though the couple has been faced with issues in the past, those issues were not strong enough to break their marriage.

“Yes there are issues sometimes and there will always be, but those issues have not been strong enough to break us apart and would never be strong at all to ever break us apart , except the two of us decide we want to let it go against the will of God for our togethernesss” he wrote in parts.

Foluke who was previously married to film director Tunde Sobowale, got married to Kayode Salako in feburary 2015.