We followed due process in recall of staff from First Bank – Whyte Cleon


Human resource consulting firm, Whyte Cleon Limited, has denied allegations that it fired workers seconded to First Bank without following due process.

Multiple media reports had claimed that the affected workers were dismissed via SMS.

They were said to be mostly front desk tellers, account and clearing support staff, customer service officers and marketing associates who had put in between five and 10 years in the service of the bank.

Refuting the reports, Whyte Cleon, said in a statement over the weekend that claims it has been silently laying off its staff through only SMS is false and a deliberate attempt to discredit the firm.

It said “the decision to withdraw the services of our employees was communicated to them both verbally and formally in compliance with the conditions of service of engagements.

“In global human resource outsourcing practice, employees can be withdrawn from an organization, deployed to other organizations and/or may be replaced with other employees as the case may be.”

Whyte Cleon said it followed due process in honouring the terms of appointment of outsourced employees and subsequently withdrawing them.

“Whyte Cleon Limited had exit interviews with all the affected outsourced employees before notification of their recall.

“It is noteworthy that the affected employees were paid their entitlements and ancillary benefits,” the statement concluded.