Five important baby toy safety tips

Stephanie Linus and baby

The same way you get excited about a new pair of shoes, your baby gets excited about a new toy. And you know certain toys may not be safe for your baby. This is why you know about baby toy safety hacks. Jumia, the online store you can trust, shares these hacks

  1. Pick age-appropriate toys

Always pay close attention to the age recommendations on toys and choose according to a child’s age, interest and skill level. Until your child turns three, toy parts should be bigger than his mouth to prevent the possibility of choking. Also, consider the weight. Don’t buy it if it could harm your baby if it fell on him or her.

  1. Watch out for chemicals

Even when you find a toy that seems safe, you will want to be sure it’s not made with chemicals that can harm your baby. Just as you would look at a food label, check out the chemicals in your baby’s toys.

  1. Properly discard packaging

The box the toy came in often becomes more exciting than the toy itself, so make sure all tape, staples and any small pieces of cardboard are immediately discarded. Your baby doesn’t know the difference between toys and regular objects, so it’s up to you to protect them.

  1. Make sure batteries are secure

Battery-operated toys should have battery cases that secure with screws so that kids cannot open them. Batteries and battery fluid pose serious risks to your baby if it finds its way to his mouth.

  1. Teach older siblings to clean up

If you have older children, make sure they properly put away their toys. Big kid toys can pose serious threats to little ones.

  • Contributed by Adeniyi Ogunfowoke, PR Associate, Jumia Travel & Food