Seplat Energy in racism scandal as FG revokes CEO Roger Brown’s visa

Seplat Energy CEO Roger Brown

The Nigerian government has confirmed revoking the visa, work and residence permits of the chief executive officer (CEO) of Seplat Energy Plc Roger Brown.

Internal affairs minister Rauf Aregbesola informed the board chairman of Seplat Energy Plc of the development. He accused Brown of racism and discrimination against Nigerian employees and others.

“I write to inform you that the Ministry is in receipt of a petition from the Solicitor to the concerned workers and stakeholders of Seplat Energy PLC accusing Mr. Rogers Thomson Brown, the CEO of the companies of various allegations,” Aregbesola said.

“These accusations include racism, favouring foreign workers, and discriminating against Nigerian employees. Testimony was received from several witnesses, which supported the allegations.”

Aregbesola also said Brown was in possession of a combined expatriate residence permit and aliens card (CERPAC) not based on a valid expatriate quota that violates the country’s immigration laws and regulations.

“Investigation and records in the Ministry also revealed that Mr. Roger Brown was in possession of CERPAC that was not based on validly issued Expatriate Quota approved by the Ministry of Interior resulting to the violation of relevant immigration laws and regulations.

“As a result of these, the honorable minister has determined that Mr. Brown’s continued stay in Nigeria is contrary to national interest,” he said.

The Seplat CEO declined to attend two invitations from the ministry’s panel during the investigation, Aregbesola said.

Bashir Ahmad, special assistant on digital communications to President Muhammadu Buhari, also tweeted the development on Thursday.

He said, “The FG has revoked visa, residence and work permits of Roger Brown, a British businessman and CEO of Seplat Energy Plc, an oil & gas exploration and production company based in Nigeria over alleged racism, favoring of foreign workers and discrimination against Nigerian employees.”

Brown was appointed CEO of Seplat in 2020 after he joined the energy firm in 2013 as the chief financial officer (CFO).