Femi Branch condemns police over alleged harassment of motorist

Femi Branch

Actor Femi Branch has condemned the actions of some police officers who allegedly harassed a motorist.

Reacting to the video on Instagram on Friday, Femi questioned why some policemen have continued to search people without a warrant.

“So lemme get this clear, is it that our Police are so badly trained that they see no need to obey orders or do their Bosses tell us one thing and tell them something else behind closed doors?

“They say a Policeman has no right to ask for your phone randomly on the street but how exactly do u say no and defend yourself against an armed man when that happens?! The Police high command need to do a better job of enforcement of orders amongst their ranks walahi,” he wrote.

Fellow actor Yomi Fash-Lanso also reacted to the video saying, “Firstly, I’ve So Many Highly Intelligent, Smart And Upright Police Officers As Friends. Many. This Video Like Many Outrageous Ones Ask Many Questions Begging For So Much Answers.

“IG Gives Order That No Police Officer MUST Demand To Check Citizens Phones But Opposite Is The Case. Is Any Young Man Driving A Good Car Or Suv In Nigeria A Fraudster Or Of A Questionable Character? Where Is The FREEDOM And HUMAN RIGHTS As A Citizen? So Much For A Country That Preaches Peace And Unity.”