Femi Adebayo speaks on Amotekun character in Kunle Afolayan’s Ijogbon

NollyNollywood actor Femi Adebayo

Actor Femi Adebayo has spoken about the character he played in filmmaker Kunle Afolayan’s Netflix hit Ijogbon.

Femi, who acted as an Amotekun leader spoke in a video Kunle posted via Instagram on Wednesday.

Femi said his dealings with Amotekun in real life helped prepare him for the role.

“When I got the script and I knew that my role was an Amotekun leader, I cast my mind back to my dealings with the real Amotekun, in real life, I had the opportunity of relating with them, asking them a few questions about how they do their operations. Luckily I relate more with the leader so now playing the role of an Amotekun leader makes it easy for me,” he said.

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“I was extremely inquisitive about the spiritual powers that they possess but one way or the other, maybe professional ethics will not allow him to let me into some of the stories of the spiritual aspect of their powers.

I picked up that character, made it very easy for me to interpret my role actually,” he added.

The film also stars Ruby Akubueze, Mr Latin, Bimbo Manuel, Adunni Ade, Sam Dede, Yemi Solade, Gabriel Afolayan, Funky Mallam, Dorathy Bachor and Tana Adelana.