Fela’s daughter Motunrayo Kuti vows never to do photoshoot again for birthday

Motunrayo Kuti, daughter of music legend Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, has vowed never to do a photo shoot for her birthday again.

Motunrayo posted a video of herself via Instagram on Friday to celebrate her new age with a birthday song.

The woman said she would not be posting any “professional picture” again to celebrate her birthday.

After singing a birthday song for herself, Motunrayo said: “I no dey do, nothing like professional picture, this year, next year and forever and ever. Only my children na him go dey do for birthday but for una me? La ye, shebi una no dey like my things. I just say make I post today because na my birthday if not I for no post.”

Captioning the video, she wrote: “Happy birthday Motun, I love you.”

Like her siblings, Motunrayo is an entertainer. She is the CEO of Ifeniomous Entertainment, a record label that she named after her daughter Ifeniola.

Her mother, Damiregba, was one of the 27 women who got married to Fela in 1978.

Motunrayo got married to her partner of seven years in February 2022.