Father’s Day: Tony Rapu revisits letters written to children in 2015, 2016

Pastor Tony Rapu

Senior pastor of The House of Freedom, Lagos Tony Rapu on Sunday revisited letters he wrote to his children in different years to mark Father’s Day.

Rapu is blessed with three children — a son and two daughters.

Inviting the public to read the letters, the clergyman said in an Instagram post, “Happy Fathers Day! A father is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love – Anonymous.

“In 2015, I wrote a letter to my son titled ‘Letter To My Son’, and in 2016, I wrote another letter to my daughters titled ‘Letter To My Daughters’.

“Both letters have unique messages that remain relevant to young men and women out there.”

In his letter to his son, Rapu urged him to treat women with respect and dignity, live on a budget, pray often, call his mother regularly among others.

To his daughters Uju and Kene, he highlighted their strengths, emphasised the need for girls to receive fatherly love, choose the right career path, remain undefiled until marriage and desist from marrying “a boy”.