Fat was my jail – Lepacious Bose

Lepacious Bose

Comedienne and actress, Lepacious Bose, has revealed that being a fat lady was like being in prison.

The 41-year-old took to Instagram on Monday to reveal her struggles with weight, calling it a personal hell for her.

“Fat was my jail… my private personal hell… the prison gates are open… am walking away… and am heading to the gym for 7am class… it’s gonna be a great week,” she wrote.

She also added the lyrics to Asa’s song ‘Jailer’.

FAT WAS MY JAIL…. MY PRIVATE PERSONAL HELL…. THE PRISON GATES ARE OPEN… AM WALKING AWAY…. ….and AM HEADING TO THE GYM FOR 7AM CLASS…. ITS GONNA BE A GREAT WEEK!!!!! I’m in chains you’re in chains too I wear uniforms and you wear uniforms too I’m a prisoner, You’re a prisoner too Mr Jailer I have fears you have fears too I will die, you sef go die too Life is beautiful Don’t you think so too Mr Jailer [Chorus:] I’m talking to you jailer Stop calling me a prisoner Let he who is without sin – Be the first to cast the stone Mr Jailer, Mr Jailer Man You suppress all my strategies You oppress every part of me What you don’t know, You’re a victim too Mr Jailer You don’t care about my point of view If I die another will work for you So you treat me like a modern slave Mr Jailer [Chorus] You see, if you’re walking in a market place Don’t throw stones Even if you do, you just might hit One of your own Life is not about your policies All the time So you better rearrange your Philosophies and be good to your Fellow man Jailer

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Last year, Lepacious Bose, born Bose Ogunboye, in a post to Instagram blamed the devil for her predicament, saying “ the devil stole 25 years of my life due to weight and hypothyroidism. I suffered in silence because no one understood my issues, I didn’t even understand myself.”

According to Lepacious Bose, her work as a comedian did little to help her situation, although she successfully made people laugh while performing on stage most times, she drove home in tears and sorrow.

Lepacious Bose also revealed that she almost resorted to suicide due to the unending pain until her life changed five years ago.

“I love to take pictures and talk about my weight loss experience but that took over 25 years of my life.

I hated myself and was constantly suicidal yet I made people laugh (what an irony). I cracked jokes about my weight because it was the only way I knew to look like I didn’t care. Yet I cared!!! Countless times, I would have a great performance but drive home in tears, it was a crazy, roller coaster feeling. It was not just the weight it was much more but I could not explain it.”

“I was scared. I would be on stage and have a brain fog and forget a joke right in the middle of delivery, just go blank, and have to come up with stuff on the spur of the moment to cover for the lapse, I started to dread performing. “It’s hard enough to lose weight but to lose weight while having hypothyroidism is almost like fighting demons, I just wanted to sleep and not wake up,” she recounted.

The comedienne’s weight loss journey which started about five years ago has yielded substantial results that earned her applause from fans, friends and colleagues.