Fasakin family distances self from blogger Mewolaka

Blogger Omolola 'Mewolaka' Fasakin

The family of blogger Mewolaka, born Omolola Fasakin, on Saturday reacted to her blogging activities on social media.

In a statement signed by the Bobaseye of Isolo-Ijesa, Akinyemi Fasakin, on behalf of the family, the blogger’s siblings dissociated themselves from her social media activities.

The family threatened to take legal action against anyone who ridicules them due to Mewolaka’s activities.

“We, the siblings of Mewolaka, have been closely following her blogging activities on social media. While we appreciate her creativity, which stems from the inherited intelligence passed down to us by our late parents (may their souls rest in peace), we feel it is important to make our stance known as her family,” the statement said.

“Allow us to provide some background on our family. We come from a middle-class background, and our late parents were dedicated teachers. They provided us with the best they could, ensuring that we never went to bed on an empty stomach. We grew up in a stable home and had access to a good education, instilling in us the value of contentment.

“Unfortunately, our family has been subjected to unwarranted attacks, insults, and assaults from individuals we have never had any contact with, solely because of Mewolaka’s activities on social media. Therefore, we want to clarify that she does not represent our family, and we distance ourselves from her actions. We have made efforts to advise her to be mindful of her activities on social media, but as an adult, she has the right to be responsible for her own actions under the Constitution.

“We kindly request that you perceive Mewolaka as an individual and understand that any cyberbullying towards our family will be taken seriously and may result in legal action, after consulting with our family lawyer. Just as a tiger does not boast of its strength but pounces when necessary, we believe enough is enough.

Our family has already suffered enough damage and psychological trauma from something we have no knowledge of nor encourage. We wish Mewolaka and all her followers the best of luck.”