Fans react as Anita Joseph calls Bobrisky bro on birthday

Anita Joseph

Fans of Nollywood actress Anita Joseph and cross-dresser Bobrisky have reacted after Anita called the latter a ‘bro’ on in her birthday message to him, saying that the post offended Bobrisky.

Anita made an Instagram post on Tuesday, wishing Bobrisky a happy birthday.

“Bobby Bobby may this year bring you more burst everywhere today bro,” she wrote.

Bobrisky responded saying; “Thanks.”

Reacting to the post, fans suggested that Bobrisky was offended by the post where Anita called him ‘bro’.

Below are some of the reactions:

“Who is your bro, you still dey call am bro,” Uddy wrote.

“This bro you call am so, she no like am,” Kween wrote.

“It’s the bro for me,” Edward wrote.

“This one didn’t sit well with him, innukwa ‘thanks’ why you call am bro?” Diapacfic wrote.

“Anita you don f**k up, why you put bro for am? our baby girl no like em,” Sonma wrote.

“You said bro, she’s supposed to be your sis, happy birthday my darling Bobby,” Royal wrote.

“She no happy say you call am bro,” Chrix wrote.

“Mother hen sikwa bro,” Jessica wrote.

“Wetin sweet me for this post na say you acknowledge am, call am bro,” Kboi wrote.