Fani-Kayode’s new lover sends strong message to his detractors

Femi Fani-Kayode new lover

Former beauty queen Nerita Ezenwa has spoken for the first time publicly in defence of her lover Femi Fani-Kayode.

Mr Fani-Kayode, an ex-minister of aviation, had come under criticism since his marriage to another ex-beauty queen Precious Chikwendu, with whom he had four boys, broke down last year.

The criticisms have come heavy especially as the former minister is in court for the custody of the boys. Last week, Ms Chikwendu accused him and Senator Grace Bent of using the police to intimidate her.

However, defending her man, Ms Ezenwa said in an Instagram post on Sunday that Fani-Kayode is a noble man and would not be affected by his detractors.

She wrote, “It’s disheartening the rate at which people point accusing fingers without investigation of the facts about this noble man. Your opinion about a man with zeal doesn’t matter because your actions can’t pull him down, rather it encourages him to be the best he can. FFK, you are strong, courageous and an easy going man. One thing, I know about life is, ‘the world doesn’t come after an empty vessel’ . God saw it all and gave you a mind to stand for the ones you love, no matter the stormy weather and malicious moment.

“My close moments with you has taught me a lot of lessons, that no matter how nice we become, the world will always seek to pull us down. Thankfully God didn’t seek permission from them to make us in his likeness and nature. Continue to stand always in your true and sweet nature, as you always have loved and protected those dear to your heart.

“Like every human, he has his up and down moments, who doesn’t? But even in his low moments, love, protection and comfort oozes out of him for those he loves. HATE HIM, LOVE HIM, PLOT AGAINST HIM; PRAY FOR HIM; WHATEVER YOU DO, ALWAYS KNOW HE ABIDES UNDER THE WINGS OF THE ALMIGHTY AND HE WILL KEEP ON SOARING TO GREATER HEIGHTS,” she concluded.

As of press time, Fani-Kayode and several hundreds of Instagram users have liked her post.