Families lament lack of money for Christmas celebration in Yenagoa

Christmas shopping

Barely a week to Christmas, some families in Yenagoa are expressing concerns over lack of money which has made it impossible for them to provide for their households to celebrate the season.

Those who spoke told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday, in Yenagoa, that the period will be short of the usual merriment due to lack of money to buy enough food and clothing.

Mr Edutimi Banigo, a civil servant, in the state Ministry of Commerce, said that he could not afford to buy anything for his five four children, because of non-payment of November salary.

According to him, “people are expecting their December salary; but ours, we are still waiting for November salary.

“Things have been tough, when you go to the market, the cost of goods keep increasing on a daily basis so I cannot buy any new wears for them, all I can do is to manage and feed them.

“I am just a civil servant, my salary is not big and I have five people to feed which is a difficult task for me, but by His grace, He will see us through this season.

“So I have decided to safe to enable me pay their school fees and forget about buying new clothes for them.

“They will have to use the clothes they have for now, especially as the second-hand clothes known as Okrika are expensive also, so it’s really tough for many families this year,” he said.

Similarly, Mr Livinus Kai, a businessman told NAN that his concern was how to feed his family adequately instead of buying new clothes or some gifts for his children.

“The children may not understand the economic situation, but I have to explain to them as it is a big issue not being able to buy them fine stuff to celebrate this festive period.

“My priority is for me to feed them well,” he said.

Also, Mrs Judith Aprela, a self-employed, said during the previous years, it was possible for members of her family to shop and bond together adding this year, such activity cannot take place due to the harsh economic situation.

“I have to search their boxes to pick out some good clothes and dry-clean them for them in preparation for the Christmas celebration.

“They have been crying for Christmas gifts and I have explained that I don’t have money to buy anything for them.

“I was amazed when my six-year-old son told me to go to the bank and get money to buy Christmas gifts for them,” she said.

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