Falz mocks MURIC in new music video


Rapper and actor, Falz, has mocked the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) in the video for his new single ‘Talk’.

The 28-year-old musician on Friday shared a snippet of the video
directed by Prodigeezy on Instagram.

A portion of the video shows the lawyer turned musician dressed in wig and gown with three young women in hijab standing behind him.

“Brother Muri shout finish we no see am for court,” he sang in reference to MURIC’s threat to sue him for featuring hijab-wearing girls in the video of his song, ‘This is Nigeria’.

Inspired by American rapper, Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’, Falz’s ‘This is Nigeria’, released in June 2018, was banned by the
National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

MURIC criticised the video, saying it “manifests ethnic bias against Fulanis while it ignored the criminal activities of ethnic militia of the Middle Belt who have also massacred Fulanis.”

The Muslim group threatened to sue the singer to court if he did not take down the video.

Like Gambino, Falz’s parody addresses essential national issues ranging from politics, religion, social vices and insecurity.