Eve Esin, Chacha Eke shoot down rumoured beef over ex-husband Austin Faani

Eve Esin

Actress Eve Esin has shut down the rumoured beef with fellow actress Chacha Eke over the latter’s ex-husband Austin Faani.

The Idemili star silenced the rumour by congratulating Chacha on her new endorsement deal.

Chacha announced her endorsement as a weight loss ambassador in an Instagram post on Friday.

Reacting to the goodnews, Eve, who is also one of the ambassadors of the organisation, welcomed her to the family saying, “Welcome to the family.”

“My Koko. Thanks honey,” Chacha responded.

Instragram blogger Gistlover had alleged that Eve Esin introduced Chacha to Nollywood and was having an affair with Austin Faani, a movie director before Chacha Eke snatched and married him.

Chacha Eke left a shocking message for her 4 million followers on Instagram in the early hours of Tuesday, June 28, where she revealed that she has been living lie.

The actress explained that she left the marriage to Austin Faani because she does not want to die in it as “many have died pretending all is well whilst wishing, hoping and praying for a better tomorrow.”