Erica thanks Cardi B for loving look-alike dress

Erica of Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija star Erica has thanked American rapper Cardi B for loving her look-alike dress.

Erica shared pictures of herself in a dress similar to what Cardi B wore on the cover of her Invasion of Privacy album.

Twitter users quickly put the picture side by side and compared them.

The picture made rounds on Twitter drawing the attention of Cardi B who then made a comment.

In a tweet on Sunday Cardi B said she liked Erica’s style.

“I like it tho .Its different and classy, mines is different and edgy,” she wrote.

Erica retweeted saying, “Hahahahaha thanks that’s what I was going for!”

Erica was disqualified from the Big Brother Naija season five show following an altercation with the winner Laycon.

She is also an actress.

Cardi B visited Nigeria in December 2019 on her first trip to Africa.