Empress Njamah’s ‘fiancé’ denies blackmail claim, says ex-lover threatened to release her sex videos

Nollywood Nollywood actress Empress Njamah

A Liberian man identified as Josh Wade who claimed to be Empress Njamah’s fiancé has denied blackmailing her for money.

Empress made headlines on Thursday when video of her showing off an engagement ring, with a man in the background was posted via Instagram, with many storming the comment section of congratulate her.

However, in a statement via Instagram on Friday, the 42-year-old said the engagement was a scam and the video was made under duress.

The Pastor and the Harlot actress said she got involved with the man around the time her best friend Ada Ameh died and he took advantage of her vulnerabilty and promised to marry her but ended up beating and blackmailing her for money.

Sharing his side of the story in a recent chat with Linda Ikeja, Jade denied blackmailing the actress saying that he only asked her to return the money he borrowed her.

He claimed Empress’ex-lover was blackmailing and threatening to release her sex videos.

He said: “This guy was blackmailing her and I never knew about it, she was draining all these time I asked her what’s going on she could not explain to me until I was able to go through all her social media like her WhatsApp and go through her messages with him and I got to know this guy had a sex video of hers, not just one not just two.

“So all along the money she’s been taking from our business, the money she’s been asking people for she has been giving it to this guy and I didn’t know. So after I traced the former boyfriend guy, I was able to meet him, crush his phone, crush it everywhere, got the videos and then I left.

“This is my fiancee and this is someone I was supposed to be getting married to in February. So on getting home I asked her, demanding the truth, she still wanted to deny till I showed her the video. So she still denied then I got angry and slapped her and she used the opportunity to run from the house.”

Explaining why he withheld her passport, Jade said he did not want Empress to flee the country because she owns him money.