Elebuibon counters Oluwo on monarchs submitting to God, dumping idol worship

Ifayemi Elebuibon Yemi Elebuibon

Osogbo-based Ifa priest Ifayemi Elebuibon has disagreed with the Oluwo of Iwo in Osun State Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi who called on Yoruba monarchs to accept his stance against idol worship and submit to God.

The Oluwo spoke in Iwo on Wednesday at the annual Olodumare Day celebration, where several musical groups and individuals sang praises to God.

The monarch insisted that any king who is fetish is not representing God.

He said, “Other Yoruba kings must come in tandem with this because they can’t be God’s representatives and still worship other gods.

“God is the real king, and the earthly king who is now fetish is not representing God well. Any king who worships other gods or is a fetishist should abdicate the throne and become an herbalist. There is no deity that is called Kabiyesi.”

Elebuibon, who is the Araba Awo of Osogbo, said the Oluwo was misinterpreting Yoruba monarchy.

“Odu Ifa established Iwo town, not a Qu’ran. At best, Oluwo can go to Saudi Arabia and be king there and not in Yorubaland. He is misinterpreting Yoruba monarchy,” he told PUNCH.