El-Rufai’s wife jokes about Mike Adenuga giveaway


Kaduna State First Lady Hadiza El-Rufai teased a Twitter user on Friday by calling him Mike Adenuga, chairman of telecommunications giant, Globacom.

Mrs El-Rufai had only taken her followers on grammar lessons and soon got a reply from a man named Mike Adegboye.

“Today, just for the heck of it, I’m going to tell you things I’m sure you already know.

“The ‘g’ in ‘straight’ is silent. So is the one in ‘strength’. Have a great day, people. Ehm… BTW, the ‘g’ in ‘great’ is pronounced,” she had written.

Mr Adegboye said her lesson for the day was already common knowledge.

Then she replied: “Please do giveaway, sir. Oh sorry, I thought it was Mike Adenuga. 😂”

The first lady regularly tweets about correct use of English and sports.

Last month, she said she was not a part of her husband’s government and that she did not want to be dragged into political issues.