Eki Eboigbe’s Okikiro for public performance December 3

Okikiro written and produced by Eki Eboigbe

The public performance of the play Okikiro (Love of Nation), written and produced by Eki Eboigbe will hold at the Creative Art Theatre Hall, University of Lagos on Friday, December 3.

Directed by Segun Adefila, the satirical play examines the realities and complexities youths of today live with.

According to the producers, “Okikiro is a satiric play with a social-cultural, moral theme; a clarion call to Nigerian youths to play their part in restoring glory and honour to their motherland. It seeks to re-ignite a sense of responsibility, unity, national pride and moral fortitude in the Nigerian youths.

“Okikiro is very timely, particularly at this juncture of our beloved country; plunge into socio-economic and political palpitation, which has encased the citizens in despair and uncertainty of the future.”

The play portrays the conflict that breaks out in the once peaceful mythical Okikiro and the wisdom with which the youths of the land tackled the seemingly many-headed monster to proffer a peaceful resolution, restoring peace to their land and justice to all.

“Okikiro projects the message of love, integrity and patriotism in a multi-ethnic and diverse cultural environment like Nigeria in urgent need of a ‘messiah’ to free the country from her long-suffering and seemingly jinxed, ill-fated, retrogressions and stagnated condition.

“The play’s philosophy is to position the youth as the desired, long-awaited, sane, credible, dedicated and passionate role models with determined positive vision and sense of integrity to resist and reject the pressure or temptation of corruption in any form, urgently needed in Nigeria.

“The producer is committed to creating, developing and producing artistically excellent and culturally diverse projects for the public to see and review the state of affairs in Nigerian community.

“Okikiro is poise to ignite the re-awaking of self-esteem, self-worth and profound love and respect towards hope for a better Nigeria,” the producers added.

The public performance on December 3 will hold at 2:30 pm.