Driver crushes LASTMA official to death in Ajah

Lagos State Traffic Management Agency LASTMA

An official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) has been knocked down and run over by a traffic violator, the authority said on Wednesday.

In a statement, LASTMA spokesperson Filade Olumide identified the official as Jamiu Issa.

“The driver of a green Toyota Sienna vehicle, with Reg. number, FST 901 AR, knocked down and run over a LASTMA official, Jamiu O. Issa, who was later confirmed dead, this early morning on the 19th of April, 2022,” the statement said.

“The Late Issa was said to have approached and accosted the Sienna vehicle driver who was driving against the direction of flow of traffic (One-way) facing oncoming vehicles from Chevron towards the Conservation Toll Plaza.

“It was reported that Issa, the LASTMA patrol team leader in Ajah, who accosted the driver by standing inside the driver opened door was knocked down and run over by the traffic law offender, who had pretended to be alighting from the vehicle but changed his action and tried to escape by reversing the vehicle, knocking down Issa with the opened door while the front tyre also ran over the officer, this action fatally injured Issa in the process.”

The statement added that eye witnesses pursued the escaping Sienna driver to the Chevron Waterfront area where he was eventually apprehended and taken first to Ilasan Police Station, and eventually to Ajiwe Police Station, under which jurisdiction the event happened.

Olumide noted that eye witnesses said the Sienna driver also knocked down another person while trying to escape from the scene.

He said LASTMA general manager Bolaji Oreagba was grieved by the incident.

“He has also said that in spite of several appeals and warnings to the public to desist from assaulting and injuring government officials, some unscrupulous elements in the society who have refused all entreaties would be made to face the full wrath of the law,” the statement added.