Don’t believe everything on social media, Funke Akindele tells ‘baddies’

Funke Akindele

Actress Funke Akindele has expressed concern over the trend of living fake lives to impress others.

In an interview on Arise TV programme Perspectives, the Jenifa’s Diary star advised young women to focus on genuine self-improvement and warned against the pitfalls of social media comparisons.

“I’m so worried about these so-called baddies. A baddie without showcasing what you have up there,” she said.

“You don’t come in there to impress people because ‘A’ is carrying a designer bag and showing it on video. How sure are you she isn’t borrowing the bags?” Funke questioned. “Don’t believe everything on social media.”

The actress opened up on her challenging journey to stardom, recounting the numerous rejections she faced before her breakthrough role as Bisi in the popular TV series I Need to Know.

Despite the setbacks, she said she persevered, juggling multiple jobs such as making nails, selling cakes, and styling hair, all while attending school and auditioning for roles.

“When I didn’t get roles in the English industry, I felt frustrated,” Funke recalled. “I was on a project with Ayo Adesanya and she introduced me to the Yoruba movie industry. From there, I met Fathia Balogun and Iyabo Ojo, who helped me get my foot in the door. Although I wasn’t given major roles initially, I learned a lot about production, from camera work to props.”

The filmmaker shared a video of the interview on Instagram on Sunday, June 23.

Funke’s journey serves as a powerful reminder that behind every successful person is a story of resilience and determination. Her words inspire many to stay true to themselves and continue striving for their goals, regardless of the obstacles they face.