Donald Duke throws jibe at Atiku over 2023 presidency

Former Cross River State governor Donald Duke has called on former Vice President Atiku Abubakar to consider being a “kingmaker” instead of his lifelong ambition to be president.

Speaking at a recent event, Mr Duke pointed out that Atiku has been contesting election in Nigeria since 1992, adding that the presidential aspirant should step aside for others.

“A time comes when you look at it and say ‘It’s enough let me be a kingmaker rather than this king,'” he said.

“When people tell me that they hear from God I’ve never heard from God but you see signs of where he wants you to go and if you keep doing one thing or the same thing over and over again and it’s not happening then God is not with you. Leave this Abraham Lincoln story that he ran many times before he got it, he ran only two times then he got it.”

Duke was the presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party in 2019.

The 60-year-old noted that he was not a proponent of zoning, but that he is an advocate of equity which ultimately encompasses zoning.

The video where Duke spoke has since gone viral on social media. The time and place where he delivered his speech could not be immediately confirmed.