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KC Ejelonu QEDAt some point in our lives, we ask ourselves this question: “Where am I going?” Does everything seem like it’s going in the direction you had sketched for your life/career? I am sure many people will say no. Things get a bit rocky at some point in life. We have the good and bad times in our lives, and everybody goes through different phases.

Just because someone is privileged to have a full English breakfast today does not mean at some point in life he did not drink garri for breakfast. Everybody loves enjoyment and the good things in life, but are you willing to go through the hard times, not just “putting in the work”? Like the phrase goes “everything happens for a reason”.

One of my best friends would tell me the reason I went through certain things and I am still going through them is because I have a story to share. If you had asked me when I was younger what I wanted in life my reply would have been “to be happy”.

If I wanted any gift, I always wanted something I could record on. I was always updating my mobile phone just to record on it. I would go into the toilet and record the things happening to me. I could smell my future. I was tapping into testimonies I heard in church.

I am not interested in the material things of life. Setting goals is one of my favourite things and I make sure I go through my list frequently as a reminder of where I am headed. There will be so many obstacles along the way, but my mum will always say things like “speak well about your future because the angels are passing.”

Some folks laugh at me when I say my life is not for me alone. It’s for me to share the good and bad times with the world. And it’s not about the fame or the money. Fame is not something I am even interested in because I want to be able to have a normal and quiet life.

During some of my bad days as an actor – and I still go through them sometimes – the obvious thing would be to quit, move back to the United Kingdom, get a job and be around my family, but I know I am not a quitter so why let a bad day get to me? Instead, I would pray, sleep and wake up refreshed.

I always have a notepad with me to write down ideas and things happening to me. Some people will call it a journal but my friend calls it THE ENCOURAGEMENT BOOK. He would tell me “in life you will make some decisions that you feel is right, but along the way, we will then find what is best for us.” He explained to me that the encouragement book should be used to motivate me, write down my accomplishments and the things people say about me. The encouragement book is not to write about the fights you have with your best friend and what he/she said to you and why you hate the person. You can write about steps you take in mending strained relationships. From these, you can study and understand the type of individual you are, where you are currently in life and if your actions are leading you to the path you want to go.

When you are looking for clarity about the right path to take, no one can tell you what to do. You and only you need to know the right path and only you can make that decision.

Here is a quote from Sailor Moon to help you: “Sometimes we have love and sometimes we lose love. Sometimes love can hurt terribly like a deep wound. In our world we have lots of ups and downs, pleasures and pains. But that’s life and we learn to accept the bad with the good. Without the bad times we wouldn’t appreciate the good times. Life is precious and we all should cherish every single moment of it.”

Make the most of today. Convert your problems to prosperity. Like Nike…JUST DO IT.